Premium Waste Transfer Station

Premium Waste also operates a Transfer Station located next to the landfill facility for the recycling of all mixed builders waste, household items, garden and green waste.

Our aim is to divert as much recyclables from landfill as possible. This will ensure the life of our landfill is extended and valuable materials are not waster to landfill but reused and recycled.

Recyclable items include:

Green Waste Can be shredded andmulched and reused on garden beds
Steel Can be sold to recyclers
Cardboard Can be baled and sold to recyclers
Concrete Can be crushed and sold as roadbase
Bricks Can be crushed and sold as roadbase
Sand Can be screened and reused as backfill

Any waste that cannot be recycled will then be transported to our landfill facility for burial.

Asbestos is accepted if wrapped and must be buried by law as it cannot be recycled.

Skip Bin storage available for account holders.